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How your Golf Villa can double up as a Vacation Home?

Haldi Golf County

In the humdrum of our busy lives, we barely find time to take a moment and relax, which is why taking breaks and going for vacations once in a while makes a huge difference, and that’s exactly where vacation homes come into picture. Now, imagine your vacation home happens to be alongside a golf course, wouldn’t that be great!

Family-time like never before

Golf villas have recently been picking pace for the ambience they offer, presenting you with the perfect combination of peace of mind and luxury. Not just that, golf courses also offer an opportunity to connect better with your family and friends.

Safer bet in the long run

While you may have your reservations about owning a golf villa, going ahead with hotels might also be one of your considerations, which brings us to our next point. A vacation home may turn out to be a safer bet in the long run, especially due to all the privacy it has to offer, in addition to the outdoor amenities that come exclusively to your avail.

A great investment avenue

As per The KPMG Golf Benchmark Survey 2007, golf resorts are supposedly expected to perform well in the Indian Market, which also makes them a favourable investment asset. If golf is somewhere your interest lies, why refrain from owning one of your own golf villas!


With the pandemic upending our lives, what has come as a learning is the importance of owning a secured space and that’s exactly what GLN’s survey also highlights. A spacious golf villa, one that comes as an answer to the challenges the pandemic posed. Villas that can accommodate space for work from home for the elders and online schooling for the children.

New Golf Enthusiasts

The lockdown saw a new spate of individuals taking to golf. In fact, as per the National Golf Foundation a record 3 million people in 2020 made their first move towards learning the sport. This in turn, led to a surge in demand for real estate projects with golf courses or those in and around golf courses. Yet another survey reported that 2020 saw a significant 13% spur in potential golf properties as opposed to those in the previous year.

What's interesting is, it’s just not the Indian residents who are looking to invest in golf properties but the NRIs too. Despite the lockdown, NRIs are still looking for premium real estate properties in India. As per ANAROCK consumer survey, nearly 73% NRIs are keen on owning properties between the range of 90 Lakh to 2.5 Crore as opposed to the pre-Covid scenario wherein only 40% NRIs showed interest in properties in the given price bracket.


It’s important to note that golf villas have a significantly bright future. Several reports testify that golf villas happen to be great investment assets in addition to offering a great lifestyle and commune. The lockdown saw a spurge in new golf enthusiasts, which in turn led to a rise in demand for golf properties or those in their vicinity. So this is the right time for you to invest in a golf villa, so that you enjoy a life truly apart.

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