5 Premium Golf Courses in India that are Impeccable in Appearance


Sun-kissed fairways and enchanting scenery around are a regular captivating experience for golf lovers. Teeing off in the finest of the fairways makes every round of golf a pleasant and exciting affair. Acres of green landscapes and tranquil skies are a perfect getaway from mundane life routines. India’s vast diversity of premium golf courses is great for family holidays, luxe destinations, and exciting spots for the golf lifestyle.

Golf Enthusiasts can quench their thirst for tee off on the unique golf courses, ranging from the oldest golf course to the longest golf course. Brace yourself as we take you through the enchanting premium golf courses in India. Pick your favourite golf course for your next tee-off.

Gulmarg Golf Course (near Srinagar)

Gulmarg Golf Course situated in a stunning hill station surrounded by attractive pine and fir tree delights every golf enthusiast. Gulmarg is a small town in Jammu and Kashmir renowned as a meadow of flowers. The enticing 18-hole course is spread over 7,505 yards, making it the longest golf course in the country.

The hilly station situated at an elevation of 8,690ft above sea level makes it the highest green golf course in the world. Overall, it is a magical place with magnificent views of hills and clouds making your experience one-of-a-kind. The presence of mother nature in all its glory at the place has earned it a special place in the Top 5 premium golf courses in India.

Royal Calcutta Golf Club (Kolkata)

Established in 1829, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest Golf Course in India, still attracting golf lovers from all over the world. This 18-hole golf course spread over 7195 yards complemented with aesthetically pleasing green lawn and trimmed fairways.

King George V and Queen Mary gave it the title “Royal” for its grandeur and beauty. As the name, the golf course boasts royalty and historical significance from every angle. Teeing greens to intentional bunkers and hazards everything makes it a perfect setting for family outings and vacation times. It’s been one of the premium golf courses in India for a long time.

Haldi Golf Course (Hyderabad)

Haldi Golf Course, as India’s first riverside golf county, offers an unforgettable experience for all golf enthusiasts. The golf course is situated in Hyderabad, surrounded by 50,000 + trees and boasting acres of green landscapes by the riverside, making it the finest golf course in India.

Haldi Golf County offers a holistic living by its golf commune. The project combines the best of both luxury and life. A luxurious clubhouse, 5-star resorts, golf academy, and more complements its golf course. Being India’s only riverside golf commune has earned it a position in one of the premium golf courses.

The Delhi Golf Club (New Delhi)

The Delhi Golf Club is a perfect vacation spot for all those passionate golfers. Its ecosystem is filled with breathtaking flora and fauna. Feast your eyes on the sun-kissed fairways and rich aromas of the plantation around. A green carpet spread over 180 acres comprising an 18-hole golf course.

The golf club is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make your stay a delightful affair. Tee off to putting greens, everything resembles the best of greenery and richness. The Delhi Golf Club has been one of the premium golf courses in India, attracting golf lovers from all walks of life.

Prestige Golfshire Club (Bangalore)

The Prestige Golfshire Club was ranked as India’s best golf course in 2020 by the World Golf Awards. Enchanting fairways complemented by magnificent views of Nandi Hills, Devanahalli. This 18-hole golf course spanned over 7000 yards is a perfect getaway to play golf or plan realizing stay with family and friends.

Luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, conference room, restaurant, and gaming room are perfect for relaxing and making memories. The golf course is an ideal place to hone your golf skills.

These are some of the premium golf courses in India. Whether you are looking for a perfect getaway or realizing time with family and friends, then these golf courses are your perfect choice. They are one-of-a-kind golf courses in India offering an amalgamation of contemporary designs and impeccable services.

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