Improve Your Mental Health by Living Amidst 50,000 Trees at Haldi


Experience the joy of living in an atmosphere that puts your mind and body at ease. Where every sunrise and sunset soothes your soul. No, you don’t have to leave your home and escape into the forest or the himalayas for that. Luckily, you can have a similar soothing experience here, at Haldi Golf County, amidst 50,000 trees, and nature abounds.

Haldi Golf County offers an enticing atmosphere where you can cherish and appreciate each and every moment. Moreover, being India’s Only Riverside Golf Resort enabled us to bring you much closer to nature than you could’ve imagined. So you can take full advantage of what mother nature has to offer.

Feel the Calm in the Present Moment

Whether you are depressed about your past or anxious about the future, taking a walk in nature brings you to the present instantly. Based on ecotherapy, being in nature helps you cope with anxieties and depression.

Mother nature's enchanting presence engages all your senses at once, which makes you feel relaxed and calm. You can experience the joy of being present in the moment both physically and mentally.

Experience the Magic of Feel Good Hormones

Just a few minutes outside in nature elevates your mood. Breathing fresh air and walking barefoot in nature releases Serotonin and Endorphins. These are feel-good hormones that work as antidepressants and stimulate pain relief.

Daily exposure to sunlight promotes good mental health, bone health and lowers blood pressure. Based on Chronobiology research, sunlight exposure improves your sleeping time and sleeping quality drastically.

Improve Your Mental Balance

Experience enchanting winds from over 50,000 trees at Haldi Golf County. Which calms your mind and improves your respiratory system. Fresh air cleanses you from inside. Also it allows more oxygen to cells in your body.

There is a direct correlation between breathing and mental balance. That’s why we breathe more rapidly when we are in danger or when we are angry. When we are more prone to take irrational decisions. However, taking deep breaths enables us to think clearly and make better decisions.

Rediscover Your Inner Peace

Residents at Haldi Golf County can take full advantage of being at the riverside. Being close to water puts you in a mild meditative state. Water amplifies nature's healing and soothing ability. By sitting on the bank of the river and getting lost in waves makes your mind still like Zen.

Where your mind no longer wanders off and gets still in solitude. Just by sitting still and observing water, you can reap the benefits of meditation. The best thing is you can carry this same calm and serene feeling within yourself throughout the day.

Activate Your Authenticity

If you want to learn one thing from nature then let it be this: “You can be imperfect yet perfect in your own way”. You can see many imperfections in nature yet there is no competition to its beauty. Nature inspires you to be yourself irrespective of your imperfections. Because beauty lies in being yourself.

Most importantly, being in nature you learn valuable lessons like patience, hard work and generosity. All of which are strong pillars for one’s character. In simple words, being close to nature brings out the best in you.


Living by the riverside amidst green pastures and thousands of trees, lets you reap numerous benefits. At Haldi Golf County, we offer you the unparalleled experience of living in luxury along with nature.

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