6 Golf Clubs in Your Equipment Bag to Swing Like a Pro


Imagine gripping your golf club, swinging it right and hitting a perfect ace. Not only an ace, every shot that you hit on the fairways can be smooth and effortless with the right golf club. From legendary Tiger Woods to 2022 PGA Championship Winner Justin Thomas, everyone has begun somewhere. It’s your time to start the golf journey with the right golf club.

Become a pro and elevate your game on the fairways to a whole new level. Haldi Golf Academy helps you choose the perfect golf club that makes every round of golf an unforgettable experience.

Drivers-Hit ‘Em Long And Straight

Drivers stand out from the other golf clubs in your golf equipment bag. These are the longest and most elegantly designed golf club. They are specially designed to help you hit the golf ball as far as possible.

These are perfect for pro golfers, especially used for tee shots. Good for reaching long distances where accuracy is not the primary goal. If you are starting, then picking up a driver may not be a good start. We recommend you to start with the following club.

Fairway Wood-Get the Ball Rolling

Fairway Wood clubs are made with wood, hence the name, they come with heads slightly smaller than drivers. They are perfect for fairways. You get better swing accuracy than drivers. Experience the ease of movement and get the ball into the air with less effort. Perfect choice for beginners to get the ball rolling on the fairways.

Irons-Accuracy and Control

Get better control and accuracy than your fairway wood clubs. These Golf Clubs are perfect for driving the ball from fairways to green. Iron clubs are thin from front to back with a slightly angled clubface. Ease on your shoulders and tight in your grip, hence you can deliver accurate shots on the fairways.

Hybrid Clubs-Best of Both Worlds

Welcome a new type of golf club to your golf equipment bag. These are specially designed to bring the best of both fairway wood and iron golf clubs. Best golf clubs for beginners to get a taste of this fascinating fairway affair.

Wedges-Perfect Short-distance Shot

The closer you get to the putt, the more accurate your shot should be. To help you get that perfect short-distance shot, Wedges are designed. These golf clubs come with the highest loft and shortest shafts.

Putter Clubs-That’s a Great Round of Golf

You have come a long way from teeing off to putting green. It's time to finish your round by perfecting the putt. Putter golf clubs are designed to get the ball to roll straight into the hole.

These are a few golf clubs to elevate your game on the fairways. The finest of fairways and enchanting picturesque views at Haldi Golf County resembles the epitome of world-class golfing. India’s only riverside golf county and one-of-a-kind golf academy bring the best of golf to Hyderabad, India. Start your journey of golf here.

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